Halo Readings

Traditional Irish Tea Leaf Reading 

In person or by phone Tea Leaf Readings by Barbara Garland

phone 09 236 0886

About me:
I started reading tea leaves for my friends back in Ireland over 50 years ago and carried on the tradition of tealeaf reading when I moved to New Zealand.

“As Featured in the Life & Leisure NZ Magazine”

Tales of tea leaves

Reading Between the Lines “I always start by asking you if you would like to speak to your ancestors. If you don’t want to, that is absolutely fine. It’s the same with past lives. If you want to know more about them I can help you, but if not I that is fine too. “I use normal loose-leaf tea. You drink your tea and relax, focusing on positive thoughts. It normally takes about an hour.
“As soon as the reading is over I forget nearly everything, which is why it’s good to write notes or record the session. If you were to ask me later what I said, I wouldn’t know. “It depends on each medium as to what they share. This is a gift from the Creator above, so you shouldn’t abuse it.” My reading are positive and uplifting and are designed to give you guidance and clarity, all readings are confidential and from the heart.

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  • The cost is $100.00pp

Numerology Forecast

We will send you your very own personal report, generated by our  Decoz Software.

  • $20.00 per forecast

Personal Profile Report – 12 month forecast


Relationship Compatibility Report – 12 month forecast

These are very informative, you will receive all your charts numbers

This approx. 25 Page Chart Includes:

  • Personal Year Number Forecast: Your numerology forecast for the year
  • 12 Month-By-Month Forecasts: Forecast of each of the 12 months
  • Essence Number: Your mindset and perspective for the year
  • Life Path Number: Your life purpose and unique path
  • Expression (aka Destiny) Number: Your destiny and life mission
  • Heart’s Desire (aka Soul) Number: Your soul desire and motivation
  • Birthday Number: Your talents and abilities
  • Personality Number: How you’re perceived by others
  • Maturity Number: Your future potential from 40yrs +
  • Current Name (aka Minor Expression) Number: Additional talents and challenges
  • Cycle Numbers: Your 3 major life goals
  • Pinnacles: Your 4 potential areas of achievement
  • Challenges: Your 4 major life challenges

∞∞Decoz Numerology software is highly reputable but as with all methods of forecasting and prediction, this is to be taken lightly. I take no responsibility for the accuracy of the perditions or writing of the Decoz software.