About Amanda

I live on a little farm in the Bombay Hills South of Auckland, with my husband Laurie our two teenage boys, my Parents and a horde of animals, multi-generational living at its finest.    

I understood early in life, I had an affinity with Nature and Vibrational Energy. I practiced in the way of Nature or Natural Magic, my Dad taught me about Energy Vibrational Fields, I started by feeling the energy vibrations of every living creature I could find, as well as innate objects.

Each morning my mum and I would go and visit the trees on our property to give and receive, to ground our energy on the fresh dewy grass before our tea.

Over 17 years ago I started leading a Women’s Meditation Circle and Practicing True Nature.  I was invited as a Key note speaker to workshops and friend groups, talking on the topic of True Nature. 

I started leading Women’s Wellness Circle Mini Retreats, bringing affordable Mini Retreats to my community, that included Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Health Topics, Healing and Nutrition. I could not have done this without my husband, my friends and the wonderful committed community of like minded people around me.

In 2017 I became a full time Yoga Teacher completing my 200hrs in Sustainable Yoga, this was the start of bringing sustainable Yoga to my community.  After I graduated I had the chance to introduce Sustainable Yoga to a wonderful person named Shona, who in-turn introduced me to The Franklin Breast Cancer Support Group and for 5 years, I practiced Yoga with them each week, teaching Yoga and Meditation, healing through Yoga and Friendship and I am extremally grateful I was part of that journey. 

The Start of Women’s Wellness Circle NZ

My struggle with endometriosis a disconnection to my period and my womanhood; I dreaded my period; painful cramps, inflammation, that arrived with my period each month, it felt like a never-ending cycle of pelvic pain.

I had scans confirm endo cysts on my ovaries, I also had a concerning smear test. I had to go private, I was once again feeling unsupported, my doctor wouldn’t put me through the public system as its just most likely endometriosis.

I was at a point that I would try anything to reduce the pain and inflammation, I removed the IUD, I had already made changes to my diet from vegetarian to vegan, I practiced Yoga, I Belly Danced that helped immensely, but I still dreaded my period I was living in an anxiety and pain cycle.

I booked the private gynecologist and had a 6 week wait over Christmas. When I finally meet with her, she told me “something bad has happened, but its to late to tell exactly what”. So she took another smear, removed a polyp started my 3 monthly scans and blood tests. Good news the Smear was clear, but I was continuing to grow cysts, I discussed my options with the gynecologist and I decide to watch and wait. I went to see a friend of mine a TCM practitioner Tommy, I did weekly sessions of acupuncture that immensely helped, but I was still struggling with my pelvic pain.

I was searching online for a much-needed solution to my painful periods after finding tampons made it significantly worse and come across Mama Cloth. I was slightly skeptical of Cups and Cloth pads, I couldn’t keep using tampons, so I decided to try a Cup and Overnight Cloth Pads, I haven’t looked back. Making that small change, had such a huge impact on my life – it reduced my inflammation during my periods, substantially reducing the pain I experienced during my menstrual cycle. But now comes time to deal with what is really happening the deep womb trauma.

Before taking a leap of faith and switching to a Menstrual Cup, I didn’t even know what my blood looked like, how much I bled each month, the colour, let alone what it smelled like. That all changed with using a Cup and I got close and personal with my period it was liberating, I connected to my womb and the deep trauma that was held there, through cycles of painful relationships, loss, child birth and dis-connection from my inner goddess, my self worth.

I really started to connect with my cycle, my inner world, I created my own prescription a tool-box just for me. I allowed myself time to nurture my body-mind connection, nourishing my feminine connection during my period. I made time for me.  I created a ritual around my menstruation. I practiced free bleeding. I learned to love me. 

Brings us back to the days of the Red Tent and our tribal clan ways of sisterhood, there is a movement of a global sisterhood, our world is changing and so with it are we.

This small starter step of re-connecting to my womb, my journey has given me the ability to help others. My belief in our sisterhood and passion for holistic health has been the driving force behind Women’s Wellness Circle and  Mama Cloth.

I created my Empowering Personal Prescription, a support system to work along side my GP. I finally felt supported, listened too, my voice and concerns mattered and I had a holistic treatment plan that worked. I was in a position to support other women, to share my experiences and so Women’s Wellness Circle NZ was created” a Support Circle a Network of Practitioners, Holistic Healers and Inspirational Speakers from our community.

“MY voice my concerns matter, YOUR voice your concerns matter.”

Take control of your Health and Wellbeing Empower Yourself