Women’s Wellness Circle NZ

MEHello, I’m Amanda Goodhand;  founder of Women’s Wellness Circle NZ –

Women’s Well-Being Coach. 

My aim is to Support, Guide and Empower you to take sustainable steps, toward your own Health and Well-Being. 

As a Well-Being practitioner I am dedicated to nurturing my own Health and Wellness, I have personally benefited by integrating Sustainable Foundation Steps in my own life,  building inner strength, resilience and improving my over-all Well-Being; before I turned inwards I was in a constant state of flight or fight, living in my sympathetic nervous system, practicing these sustainable foundation techniques grounded me. This foundation can be adapted and tailored to you and your own personal challenges, guiding you in all stages of your life to live with Self Love, Compassion and over all improved Health and Well-Being.


  1. able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.

IMG_8292Welcoming you to my Farm Studio in Bombay; you will find a peaceful calming atmosphere, enabling you to slowly unwind.  I will guide you to create and maintain positive habits, rituals, to Empower and Motivate change in your day to day life – True Nature – Yoga Therapy – Meditation – – Breath Work – Nutrition – Individual Support Circle.

Holistic approach Empowering and Motivating you to become your own Well- Being expert.   

Your Health and Wellbeing come First 

How you can Take Control of your Health and Wellbeing; by having the tools in place to care for all aspects of your Health and Wellbeing, being able to call on those tools, when needed in everyday life and times of unbalance and upheaval.


Specialized Yoga Therapy: 

For the Past 5 years I have offered Specialized Yoga Therapy for people dealing with Breast Cancer.3

Lymphatic Flow Yoga Therapy – True Nature – Yoga Therapy – Meditation – Breath Work – Individual Support Circle.

Please contact me for more details.


Amanda Wellness




Women’s Wellness Circle NZ support network:

We have a dedicated community of professionals in the Auckland area, who are ready to support you, on your journey to Health and Wellbeing.
Below is a list of our Women’s Wellness Circle Supporters and Support Groups:


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Tash from Talk Peach: Our goal is to upskill the public and health professionals, as well as to
empower women to take ownership of their gynaecological health.

The best chance of survival is an early detection, know the signs and help us save New Zealand women and their whanau the heartbreak of a late stage diagnosis.

Franklin Breast Cancer Support:


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 3rd Thursday of the month, 7.30pm. Please call (09) 238 6433 

 Yoga every week on a Tuesday 4:30pm 


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Amanda Goodhand | Kaye Manson- Papakura|

Sirpa Gunn | Jennifer Allen – Birkenhead


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 Tommy Tang East Auckland

Tamara Bennett Pukekohe

Contact C.A.R.E - Flinchlock Release | Contact Care Flinchlock Release |  Massage | Reiki - Te Aroha



Contact Care, Bone Code: Laurie Goodhand Ph: 021 797 866 – Auckland and Hamilton | People and Animals releasing trauma 



Nutrition and Fitness 

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Personal Trainer – Nutritionist 




Zara Goodhand Nutritionist – Women’s Health





Manual Lymph Drainage:

Diane Lacey Manual Lymph Drainage and Lymphoedema Therapy in addition to Relaxation & Therapeutic Massage.




Dr Valeria Ivanova. MChB, FRANZCOG, Dip Endocrinology (OmniCare)


Total Physio Pukekohe: Pinc and Steel  Becky Onytt

Traditional Chinese Medicine:

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Acupuncture: Tommy Tang 

Pukekohe Acupuncture Eric  


Endometriosis Advocate:

Melissa Turner; endometriosis healing journey has put her on the road to helping others, she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Endo.  



Women’s Wellness Circle NZ; has been building a Growing Support Network within our Community since 2015. If you would like to become a Supporter for Women’s Wellness Circle, contact Amanda via email: amanda.goodhand@outlook.co.nz
Keep up to date with our events by signing up, or following Women’s Wellness Circle NZ on Facebook and Instagram. I look forward to connecting with you.

Holistic Movement of passionate Health and Wellbeing Advocates

If you need support from Women’s Wellness Circle NZ, please contact Amanda, I have a number of options avaible to you. Some support options are funded. 

Take control of your Health and Wellbeing

Do you need Support  

Are you waiting on a Cancer Result, this link below will help with Coping with Waiting.


What can you do to help manage your coping levels. 

Ask your doctor to explain each step to you and when you can expect results. Phone the Doctor if you have any concerns. Write down your concerns to Ask at your next appointment.  Ask the Doctor to email the Information so you are able to absorb all that was said.

Make a Plan. Create your Own Personal Prescription.  

Waiting can feel lonely even with support, creating a ritual for yourself  during this time can help take your mind of the waiting.

Working with Breath during this time will benefit you and your wellbeing.

Finding peace and release through Meditation and Prayer.

Eat well | Exercise | Meditate | Sleep | Keep a Journal | Create a Personal Prescription | Treat yourself like a VIP because you ARE! 

Note from Amanda; I aim to work along side you GP or Specialist

I will advise you to make decisions in partnership with your health care provider. If you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition or are taking any medication, please consult your physician. I am not a doctor, and as such cannot diagnose or treat any medical issues.

Please know that I only recommend or endorse services that I personally approve, please do your own research when deciding on Health Care Practitioners. All ideas and opinions expressed by Women’s Wellness Circle NZ are completely my own. Thank you for supporting Women’s Wellness Circle NZ